Thursday, March 25, 2010

Quirky Things

So I thought I'd shake up the blog today and make it an interactive day. I'm going to list a few quirky things about myself, then I want you (aka my family and friends) to comment with quirky things about yourself. I think we need to know more about each other. So here it goes, feel free to poke fun :-)

1 - Depending on who I'm strolling with, I prefer certain people to walk on certain sides of me. I know, weird ha?

2 - I don’t like beer. Or coffee. When I was in school people swore I would learn to like both. I didn’t. And still don’t.

3 - If I visit someplace where people have accents I pick it up within minutes of arriving.

4 - I absolutly must have some sort of white noise in a room in order to sleep, the second it is turned off, I wake up. This drives Dirk nuts.

So, what quirks do you have? You can list one or ten, just something maybe we didn't already know.

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