Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My heart is broken

For those who read this that I have spoke with since Saturday, I didn't bring it up because I cry every time I do. I'm posting this so everyone knows and I don't have to talk about it anymore right now.

Saturday morning Malakai was hit by a FedEx truck. The vet hospital said he had no broken bones, but he did have some internal bleeding and for some reason either wouldn't or couldn't move his back legs. They said he had a 50/50 chance of surviving. They wanted to keep him overnight for observation, but we couldn't afford it. So they gave him morphine and sent him home. We made him a bed on our floor and for an hour he lay resting and then he died, Dirk and I both were with him when this happened. It was heart wrenching.

We are thankful that he was medicated so that hopefully he didn't feel much pain in the end. And I am thankful Skyler was sleeping the entire time and has no idea of what happened.

I've had Malakai for a long time and he has always been a member of the family. I've never known a more gentle animal and I loved him dearly.

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