Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Receiving blanket overload - Works-For-Me Wednesday

I received a large number of receiving blankets at my last baby shower. I'm talking 40ish! If I were super crafty or had the slightest idea how to sew, I might make something cool like a quilt or a sling for the new baby. I am however, somewhat domestically challenged in that area.

So, what does one do with 40 receiving blankets? Keep in mind these are not lovely, hand stitched, or special. Just the normal ones you get in 3 packs from your local WalMart. I cut them into fourths and use them instead of paper towels. They work wonderfully! Much better than paper towels. They are especially good for dusting. So that is what works for me!


  1. Great idea. I have a ton of these that my daughter no longer uses.

  2. Great idea! If you do get an overload of handmade receiving blankets (and you know the giver won't mind), you can donate the blankets to Project Linus. This is a non-profit that gives blankets to hospitalized children so that they can have a "lovie."


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