Monday, June 29, 2009

19 weeks today

I finally had to break down and buy some maternity clothes this weekend. I'm big enough to not fit into regular clothes but still not totally filling out maternity clothes. Plus, I bought them a little big to give my butt room to grow. So I kind of look like I'm swimming in my outfit this morning.

I can feel him or her kicking quite a bit lately, and I can feel it from the outside with my hand too every once in a while. Makes me wonder even more what I'm having... only a week and a half to wait to find out!



  1. So exciting!! I have some maternity sweaters I can dig out for you. I know sweaters feel a long ways away but it will get here sooner than you think.

  2. I wish that i was closer so I could be there for you thru everything. I miss you so sis!! As soon as you find out what you are having please let me know. I hope that it is a girl but if not I will still be excited.


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